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The Enemy of Heat Recovery Media

As low as 10 ppm salt (NaCl) will attack, plug, fuse and shatter either monolith or random packed saddles whose chemical composition is less than a true 50% Alumina (in a matter of months, not years)! This is a proven fact that goes back as far back as the 1990s. One of the major industrial segments to site is the 50+ RTOs that were installed in the wood product industry during the 1990s. Back then, neither the supplier nor purchaser of the RTO had any idea of the destructive nature of the alkali fume on the RTOs heat recovery media. Even if they did know, which they didn’t, they were unaware that the wood VOC fume for destruction supplied to the RTO contained alkali constituents derived from the harvested wood. The industry soon found that using the standard media commodity at 20% Alumina, led to the disaster. Some units lasted only 3 months before the media bed became one fused mass.

Cell Stone® has a solution....

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