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Technology Driven Products for a Greater Return on Investment

Cell Stone® has endeavored to educate the market about RTO heat recovery media that exceeds the status quo based on an intimate knowledge of RTO system design, and the process challenges that must be overcome. This moves the conversation away from considering heat recovery media as merely a commodity, and moves it to one based on the technical facts, towards manufacturing a product best suited and designed for a specific VOC composition.

Many suppliers of RTO systems look to purchase RTO media strictly on price, only considering their profits, warranty period, thermal efficiency, pressure drop and meeting the contract requirements. And some purchasers strictly buy based on price. As long as these two combinations exist, there will always be a low cost supplier of media that sells it as a commodity [price per cubic foot]. But in reality these options don’t provide the customer with the greatest return on investment, nor save a company the burden of expensive unnecessary process downtime and expensive RTO media replacement. That’s the last place to be after investing millions of dollars on a RTO system(s).

There is a more sustainable and cost-effective option, which Cell Stone® delivers.

Cell Stone® has been focused on selling RTO Heat Recovery Media since 1995. Cell Stone® is not a reseller; Cell-Stone® is a direct supplier of RTO media. Cell Stone® has done a great deal of research before bringing their product to market, and their media has been purpose developed for RTO use, rather than developing it for another application and then assuming “it will also work in an RTO.” Cell Stone® supplies customers with heat recovery media that reduces their total cost of ownership, reduces down time and safeguards their investment in their RTO.

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