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ULTRA™ Low Pressure Drop Heat Exchange Media
Cell Stone ULTRA Specifications
Cell Stone ULTRA Low Pressure Drop Ceramic RTO Media
Ultra Saddle Drawing.png

1/2 the Pressure Drop

25% More Crush Strength of Standard Saddles

As a type of random packed media, ULTRA™ was designed by Cell Stone as a competitive heat recovery media for new and aftermarket RTOs.  It was also designed to replace the standard ubiquitous 25mm / 1" saddle. Many of Cell Stone’s customers are loyal repeat users that have switched from other saddles…structured media and/or monolith. 

Cell Stone’s patented ULTRA™ low pressure drop random packed heat recovery media is the only heat transfer product designed and manufactured specifically to meet and exceed the dynamic challenges of today’s regenerative thermal oxidizers.

Individual piece configuration is designed to generate a shock resistant interlocking matrix where flow resistance is brought to a minimum, and the surface area is expanded to generate a heat recovery thermal efficiency unparalleled by other types of heat recovery media.

Plugging Issues?  Much success using Cell Stone ULTRA™ has been demonstrated in the following core industry sectors where particulate such as silica and carbonized residuals have plugged RTO equipment in the past:


  • Wood and Lumber

  • Printing

  • Wastewater  



Cell Stone ULTRA™ is manufactured and offers the choice of:

  • Standard Chemical Stoneware

  • Severe Duty Porcelain

  • Fertilizer

  • Chemical

  • Petro-Chemical​


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